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The following listings are available now:

Listing No.   Description Price
MLS 60046177
This lakefront lot is in Airpark Beach. Has sewer, water and electric available to lot, with walkdown to lake. $39,000
MLS 60100827
2 lakeview lot in Eagle Rock has water and electric and has been purked for system system in a nice area. $20,000
MLS 60101950
This 3 bedroom 2 bath home is just being finished. You can pick out your paint and flooring. It sets on a level lakeview lot and has central sewage and state approved water. Located in Sweetwater Beach, Golden Mo. $169,500
MLS 60102472
This 2300 sq. feet 3 bedroom 2 bath home sets on the Cassville golf course, and has a 2 car garage. It's at sheet rock stage now, but will be finished soon. Jump in your golf court and go play 18 holes. $259,900
MLS 60104927
This .075 acre lakefront lot sets in Sweetwater Beach, and has central sewage and state approved water. $24,900
MLS 60112557
This 2/3 bedroom, 2 bath logsided chalet home sets in Airpark Beach. On a 0.85 acre lot, with central sewage and water, it's only a short distance to waters edge. $210,500
MLS 60118975
This 2 bedroom 2 bath shell home sets on .91 acre lakefront lot in the head of a small inlet cove. Septic tank is in along with water and electric. We are going to start finishing it, so price will change as work progresses. $105,900
MLS 60119342
2 bedroom, 2 bath shell on 2 large lots. Ready to finish inside. Access to swimming pool, tennis courts and a 200 yard walkdown to the water. $89,900

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